Book on creating a great slideshow for your presentation:

Slide:ology The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations  by Nancy Duarte

Audience Needs Map


Nancy Duarte talks at TEDx East


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Public Speaking Resources

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Internet Marketing Class

In the past 11 weeks in my internet marketing class, we have learned so much valuable information about SEO basics, including link building, right words in the right places and the correct url of a site.

We put our skills to the test in the last few weeks by creating an SEO article.  This exercise is a test in link building.  Our class found out how difficult it can be to get links from external sources.  The class is ending but I am walking away with a vast amount of knowledge on SEO that I can use through out my career as a web designer.



Guest Speaker: Peter McDermott

Great information in our IMD405- Internet Marketing Class.  We had guest speaker Peter McDermott give us information on Google +.  Peter started out with Google + in its infancy and has almost 40,000 followers.

Peter really encouraged us to try Google hangouts and let us know this is a great way to build your brand.

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Wireframing Articles



Pencil Project

These tools allows for easy changes compared to a drawing.  Workable links in the wireframe allows for usability testing of prototype and easier to collaborate on.

Simple shapes helps you to focus on the information design first.


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Psychology of Web Design

Smashing Magazine Book # 2

What does the author mean when he says people are social animals?

It is important for people to be social  and will use whatever is around to do this including technology. People want to interact with other people especially the people they have something in common with.

Describe some characteristics of user behavior as it pertains to websites.

Taking to long to load is like being ignored.  Asking for personal information to soon invades privacy.  If it does not save our information from last session we feel like we are forgotten.

Give an example of looking vs. seeing.

On a cell phone and not seeing the clown on a unicycle.

Summarize the article and give your opinion of the article.

People are social and will use any means to be social and they make decisions unconsciously due to different areas of the brain.  We look to others for validation or how to act.  When viewing a website we either trust it or not immediately depending on how it looks.  People need goals to be motivated and the closer the goal seems to be the longer the person tries to reach it.  People are lazy and easily make mistakes and designers need to plan for this. People think they know how a product will work before using it and even when they appear to look at something they may not actually see it.

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Logo Designs

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